Submit a quotation request when:

  • the requirement of the site falls outside of the standard pressure matrix (available in TSPNP14 appendices, see below)
  • you have received a valid land enquiry response where reinforcement has been identified
  • the site contains a combined heating plant, booster or compressor.

Quotation Standard Administration Charges (excluding VAT)

Customer type Manual Portal
IGT £224 £210
UIP (<63mm diameter) £250 £236
UIP (≥63mm diameter) £266 £252

Further information relating to these charges can be found in Briefing Note 19.2.

​Supporting documents


Sometimes when IGTs/UIPs want to connect to our network an easement may be required before work can begin.



Start Date Notifications: Please fill in this spreadsheet to inform us of planned low pressure and medium pressure connections where you are laying no larger than 63mm infrastructure



Specification for the Design of System Extensions, Connections and Services to below 7Bar Systems (TSPNP14e)

Mains location

Additional mains location guidance is provided in briefing note 11.



If you have any enquiries relating to the validation and data capture of completion files please contact box.ngshub.qualitycontrol@cadentgas.com.



Lead time for submissions is D+21.

  • Email us, or call:
  • 08453 666 758 (option 3)

Calls will cost 7p per minute plus your provider's connection charge.

For escalations please contact: Jemima Mitchell or Claire Wilcox.