IGT/UIP customers

This section of our website supports our IGT/UIP customers. Here you will find out more about the steps you need to take to register to make connections to our network and the various processes we need to follow with you.

​Cadent - business with us

Registering with us

Third Party organisations wishing to lay gas infrastructure and transfer ownership to Cadent, or lay infrastructure on behalf of Independent Gas Transporters to connect to Cadent's network, must register with us as a UIP.

Once you have been registered with us you can gain access to our portal by requesting it via email.


Fast-track connections

Supporting documents, forms and information in relation to self connection works that are:

  • within the scope of the standard pressure matrix or
  • following a land enquiry response without reinforcement.


You can submit a quotation request when:

  • the requirement of the site falls outside of the standard pressure matrix
  • you have received a valid land enquiry response where reinforcement has been identified
  • the site contains a combined heating plant, booster or compressor.

Land enquiry

Identify available pressure and establish if there is a requirement for reinforcement at the customer's chosen connection point.


Some connections will need reinforcement. In these cases you will be informed and will be contacted by our reinforcement team.


If you have any enquiries relating to the validation and data capture of completion files please email us.

Escalations: Hannah Dakin-Stevens.

IGT & UIP Reference Group Meeting

Every 3 months Cadent hold a reference group meeting for their IGT & UIP customers at our Hinckley office. 

If you would like to find out more information or request to be added to the reoccurring invitation please e-mail us.

Safe control of operations

People who need to work on gas networks must register under the safe control of operations (SCO) scheme.

More information on the scheme is available on the EUSR website.


Sometimes when IGTs/UIPs want to connect to our network an easement may be required before work can begin.