How to get connected

You have decided you want to inject biomethane into the Cadent network. Please find below our eight key steps which will guide you through the connection process.

These have been split into two key areas:

Get connected

Commercial Arrangements

​Get connected - commercial arrangements

Steps 1 to 4

You have decided you want to inject biomethane into our network. These are the first four steps:

  1. You make an initial enquiry about capacity at a specific location
  2. If there is enough capacity, a detailed analysis study is performed
  3. If you want to proceed make an application to connect
  4. A connection agreement is then drawn up and signed and payment is made.

Technical and Build

​Get connected - Technical and Build

Steps 5 to 8

You have completed the first four steps (Commercial Arrangements) in the process to getting connected and you now have a contractual agreement with us to inject biomethane into the network. The next 4 steps of the process are:

  1. Initial meetings are held to discuss your proposal in more detail
  2. We review and approve your design documents in order to allow works to begin
  3. Site testing and commissioning happens here
  4. Financial reconciliation and project close out.