Did you know you could be entitled to a free central heating system?

Connected for Warmth is an exciting new scheme delivered  across our entire gas distribution network with our partner Affordable Warmth Solutions. Connected for Warmth is a scheme to install first-time central heating into fuel poor and vulnerable homes that don’t currently have it. Its aims are to reduce bills, increase comfort in non-gas households, and improve health outcomes.

It can also provide a free first-time gas connection to eligible fuel poor homes, not currently connected to the gas network. 

For more information and to apply, please visit connectedforwarmth.org.uk or call 0800 029 4547.
The scheme is expected to run until 2021 and is hoped that over a thousand homes could benefit from its support.

Case studiesConnected for warmth


New central heating for Vera 

Vera, 88, lives alone in a three-bedroom house. She is deaf, suffers from dementia and is on a low income. She receives pension credit and attendance allowance. Vera relied on old electric storage heaters to heat her home, and boiled water using a coal-fired ‘bungalow range’. She regularly had to bring the coal in from outside the house and had experienced a number of falls.

The property had a capped gas connection, so a gas reconnection was arranged along with a new gas meter. 

“I’m over the moon with this new system. The installers did a great job and were very tidy” - Vera


Huge bill savings for Christine

Christine lives by herself in a two-bedroom, semi-detached property which she owns. She heated the property with old storage heaters and qualified for assistance because she was on Universal Credit.

Christine received advice on how to reduce her energy use around the home and how to use heating controls effectively. She also received draught proofing and LED light  bulbs (both installed on during the visit) to help lower bills and make her home more comfortable.

“My house was very expensive to heat using electric storage heaters, which were cold by early evening. I could not afford to have gas central heating installed myself. The new system keeps my house much warmer and it’s really easy to control. ” - Christine


Essential heating support for Anne 

Anne lives alone in a one-bed terraced house which she owns. She was heating her home with expensive electric heaters and really needed some help to lower her bills and to stay warm and well.

Anne received advice and support on how to reduce energy use around her home. The home energy advisor installed a number of LED light bulbs and some draught-proofing during the course of the visit as well as a review of her electricity tariff.

Anne was eligible for a new first time central heating system, including a high quality Worcester-Bosch boiler. It was fitted in August 2018 and helped improve the property’s EPC has improved from a Band F to a Band C.

“I’ve lived in my house for 12 years and one of the main reasons I’d never had central heating fitted was due to the cost - so I had to use an electric fire. The Warm Homes Fund has been brilliant for me and I’m looking forward to being warm this winter.”- Anne

Are you worried about someone you know staying safe and warm?

 We might be able to help them move over to gas central heating by offering a cheaper or free connection too.