Pipes that Require an Easement:

  • All mains in private land N.B. including ring/approach mains supplying risers for multiple occupancy buildings (MOB’s).
  • All services operating at pressures greater than 75 mbar (Low Pressure) in private land.
  • All services greater than or equal to 63mm diameter crossing Private Land not owned by the customer (i.e. “Third Party Land”)
  • All services greater than 50m in length in Private Land.
  • Mains and/or services to be installed within private roads/streets not dedicated to public use, that supplies a property that is NOT abutting the street i.e. Where statutory powers do not apply.
  • For all other services crossing Third Party Land (not covered by the rules above), Cadent will require a Consent to Lay form from the landowner to be obtained prior to installation and a copy sent to the Connections team and Land Services team along with any as laid plan for Cadent’s records.

Important information

We are continuing to follow the UK government guidance to deliver connections in a safe and socially distanced manner. For more information about the impact of COVID-19, please visit our Coronavirus hub here.

Get started

Here you will find out more about the steps you need to take to register to make connections to our network and the various processes we need to follow with you.  Don't worry, we’ll stay in touch along the way to make sure it's going smoothly and you’re happy with everything.
  • Register with us

    To lay gas infrastructure and transfer ownership to Cadent, or lay infrastructure on behalf of an IGT, you must register with us first.

  • Submit request

    Submit your request online via the IGT and UIP web portal, or manually via email. An administration charge applies to Fast Tracks and Quotations.

  • Validation and approval

    We will process your request in line with our policies and procedures. Based on your request, we will provide the details you need to progress your work.

  • Plan in works

    Once you have received design approval, you can plan in your works.

  • Works complete

    Once you have received clearance, you can complete your works. We may visit site to audit the works and ensure they are carried out safely and responsibly.

  • Submit completion file

    Send us your completion file no later than 14 days after completing the works.

  • Asset adoption letter issued

    Once we have validated your completion file, we will issue an asset adoption letter to confirm the project is complete.

More information

Register with us

Third Party organisations wishing to lay gas infrastructure and transfer ownership to Cadent, or lay infrastructure on behalf of Independent Gas Transporters to connect to Cadent's network, must register with us as a UIP.

Register with us

Submit your request

Identify available pressure and establish if there is a requirement for reinforcement at the customer's chosen connection point.

Apply now

Detailed Analysis Study (DAS)

Our DAS is an in depth analysis study which looks at our network in its entirety and explores all Reinforcement and Alternative to Reinforcement options to allow our customers to connect to our network.

Detailed Analysis Study

Planning your Works

You will need to let us know when you are planning to carry out your works.

Find out more 


For useful information on data capture, completion file documents and timescales.

Find out more

IGT/UIP Document library

Forms, guidance and other information to support your application.

Visit our document library 

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