Dash for gas era


Start of ‘dash for gas’ for power generation.

The Gas Act returns the gas industry to the private sector and British Gas plc is formed. Ofgas is also created to regulate the industry and protect consumer interests.


Dealings in National Grid shares start on 11 December 1995, following the company’s listing on the London Stock Exchange.


Network Code comes into force, introducing the commercial frameworks that manage the gas transmission market and network.


The demerger of British Gas into BG plc and Centrica.


Completion of the roll-out of domestic competition means the entire population of the UK is now able to choose alternative suppliers to British Gas.


The new millennium sees National Grid begin expansion into the US, with the acquisition of the New England Electric System and Eastern Utilities Associates.

Lattice Group plc (parent company of Transco) demerges from BG plc.

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From Transco (Part of BG Plc) to National Grid