Stimulating investment in BioSNG plants

Decarbonising heat is a subject that we at Cadent are both passionate and excited about, and we are using innovation to find solutions for the future of gas. Our stakeholders are very clear when they tell us that the least disruptive solution, and at the lowest cost, is what they need when it comes to decarbonising the challenging areas of heat and transport.
We have commissioned this report, which reviews the experiences to date in supporting similar investments and operations, and identifies those frameworks that could offer the best support for BioSNG. We can then explore these further with policy makers.
We don’t have all of the answers to this great challenge, and undoubtedly we will make greater in-roads when we gather the views and thoughts of those around us.
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Final report

Download the Ernst & Young report on Options for stimulating investment in BioSNG below.

We've also provided the executive summary separately, which contains a simple overview of the options available.