The Future Role of Gas

Delivering and maintaining an energy supply which meets the needs of consumers and business today and tomorrow is what we do day in, day out, making sure we plan around population growth, demographic shifts, reducing carbon and a reliance on fossil fuels.

The current and future direction of energy policy and the shape, size and mix of the energy network in the UK is a hot topic; the role that the gas network can play in both the short and long term must be considered if we are to meet the demands of the energy trilemma – security, affordability and sustainability.

There are clearly some considerable opportunities and challenges in designing the shape of the future energy mix for the UK and there needs to be an increased focus on understanding the affordability of any future energy solution, along with the diversity needed to provide security of supply.

To find out more about the capability and versatility of the gas network and the role of gas in helping power the economy of the future, please use the links below.

​The Future Role of Gas Series

Domestic heat

‘The Future of Gas, Domestic Heat’ looks at the challenge in meeting consumer demand while reaching decarbonisation targets, how customers can reduce their demand, alternative technologies for heating and hot water, and the policies that need to be in place to decarbonise the heating industry.

Supply of renewable gas

'The future of gas, Supply of Renewable Gas' focuses on the benefits of renewable gas in relation to the energy trilemma, feedstocks required to generate future energy and the policy commitments needed to invest in renewable gas.


‘The Future of Gas, Transport’ looks at the challenges and opportunities for the use of gas in the HGV transport and buses sector, as well as the investment required, how we tackle hearts and minds at the same time as technology and what the tipping point for take-up might be.

Unlocking network capability

'The future of gas, Unlocking network capability' provides a holistic view which shows the critical role the gas network will play in enabling the UK’s future energy ambition.

Delivering for our customers

'The future of gas, Delivering for our customers' looks at the critical role of gas networks in the future energy mix; and explores opportunities and challenges around what the future holds and how the gas network could deliver more.

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