How do we teach children about Carbon Monoxide?

Safety Seymour is a cuddly caped crusader, a bear on a mission to protect ourselves and our homes from Carbon Monoxide (CO)!

Seymour has been working tirelessly, travelling schools and homes up and down the country helping to safeguard  us all through  children in schools by ensuring we are all armed with the knowledge of how we can all stay safe and be CO aware.
So far Seymour  has educated over 6000 children and their families but Seymour’s  work is by no means done! If you would like Safety Seymour to visit a school near you then please get in touch!

Seymour’s visit to your school is totally free and is facilitated by trained arts workers and is normally for a whole day however a half day can be done on request. The day focuses on educating children in a fun and engaging way on the dangers of CO, what the symptoms are and also how to stay CO safe. This is done through various activities and involves several areas of the curriculum including drama, science, art, and PHSE.

We are also delighted to be able to provide a FREE carbon monoxide Alarm for every child as well as various home based activities to help spread Seymour’s message further!

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