Plans for The Cadent Community Fund

We will be investing 1.25% of our annual after-tax profits into the fund and expect the total investment to be in excess of £20m to reach customers in the most vulnerable situations and help our communities flourish. To ensure complete transparency, the fund will have an independent chair.

Next steps

We are busy defining the details of the fund and the initiatives that it will support.  We will be making these details available in the coming months.

Priority Services Register

Under the terms of their licence, your gas supplier must keep a register of, and offer special help to, its customers who are:

  • of pensionable age
  • disabled (including customers who are blind or partially sighted, or deaf or have hearing difficulties), or
  • chronically (long-term) ill

If you register on the priority services register (PSR) with your gas supplier, you will receive a number of free benefits.