Why are we asking for your views?

Our plans are always shaped by your priorities. At the moment, we're making our plans for the next five years. And we need your input.

After listening to your views, we've now drafted some proposals. Before we set anything in stone, we'd like your views on the improvements you love the most – from the services we provide to how we do things and where we invest our money.


What could the future of your gas network look like?

We want to set a shining example in everything we do and create a safer, healthier, happier world. To help us achieve our vision, we've defined four positive outcome areas where we can make a real difference. All of our commitments for action are linked to one of these outcomes.

Our positive outcomes

Trusted to act for society

We're an essential public service provider. So it's important that you trust us to act responsibly for society and show full transparency.

Improving the environment

Protecting the environment and transforming our energy system is hugely important for us and the communities we serve – now and for the future.

A quality experience

We're committed to providing an outstanding experience. That's why we're putting new standards in place to measure and significantly improve in this area over the next five years.

A resilient network

You've told us that maintaining a reliable gas supply that keeps our customers, employees and the general public safe is the most important part of what we do.


  • Introducing our plans

  • 02 Who we are
  • 04 How we're listening
  • 05 Our plans for 2021-26
  • Our positive outcomes

  • 08 A Resilient Network
  • 11 A Quality Service
  • 17 Improving the Environment
  • 21 Trusted to Act for Society
  • Next steps

  • 24 We'd love to hear from you