Our Responsibility

Keeping our communities safe and warm has always been at the heart of what we do. Being a 200 year old company, we have a strong track record of operating as a responsible business from our regulatory commitments and practices to our social actions.


We will work tirelessly to keep our customers safe, warm and independent in their home. Through our community investment and the actions we take we’ll enhance the lives of people in our communities in which we live, work and impact through our networks. Our responsible activities help us create closer connections locally with our customers, and we recognise that we play an essential part in today’s society so we care about how our operations affect our stakeholders, employees and customers.

We will be leaders in raising awareness of carbon monoxide safety helping to prevent any instances of carbon monoxide poisoning in our networks. Through various carbon monoxide initiatives we’re able to extend our reach far and wide to spread this vital message.

Strengthening our reputation through the actions we take means our presence in communities is reliable, valued and trusted. By focusing on why and how we operate responsibly, we can translate the values at the heart of our organisation, and live by them for the mutual benefit of our employees, our stakeholders and the 11 million customers we serve.

In numbers...

Since March 2017 we’ve raised over


for our charity partner so far…
Matched Giving of over  
of employee fundraising was matched  

Since August 2017 we’ve supported employees giving over 

1369 hours
of their time to our communities so far…

We’ve made a positive impact on over 

128,000 people
in our communities as a result of our volunteering programme