Debt investors

Investor relations and debt investor relations are managed by Cadent's Corporate Treasury Team. The information contained within this area is generally for institutional investors and analysts interested in Cadent.

Latest financing activity

21 March 2018

In March 2018 Cadent Finance plc issued £300m of notes under its Medium Term Note program with maturity in March 2040.
For further information regarding this issuance please contact us or access our latest debt listing below.

Credit rating

  Ratings Agency
Cadent Entity S&P Moody’s Fitch

Cadent Gas Ltd/Cadent Finance plc

BBB+ (stable)

Baa1 (stable)

BBB+ (stable)

Quadgas Midco Ltd BBB+ (stable)    

Long term debt issued

Cadent issues debt under Cadent Gas Limited, Cadent Finance plc, Quadgas Finance plc and Quadgas Midco Limited. The existing debt programs are outlined below.