Young offenders


Employment is a vital factor in preventing re-offending, yet only 27 per cent of prisoners have a job to go to on release and over 50 per cent of released adults re-offend costing the country between £9-13 billion a year.

The Young Offender Programme works with offenders who are eligible for Release of Temporary Licence (ROTL) and coming towards the end of their sentence.

Candidates are rigorously selected and they start training while in custody and if successful go onto sustainable employment on release.

Mentoring support is provided for a year post release to help smooth the transition from prison to the workplace. A higher percentage than traditional recruits also progress on to senior roles. Re-offending for the utility sector is around 7 per cent.

Taking that reduction in re-offending and the skilled, motivated workers that we need, the model expanded out to other industry sectors and has engaged over 80 organisations linking with over 20 prisons to date.


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The Programme has won a number of Awards including a National Training Award, Business in the Community Awards for Excellence and Utility Week Awards.