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Only 6.8 per cent of students with learning disabilities are likely to get paid employment according to UK Government data – and this is something we feel needs to change.

EmployAbility scheme

How does it work?


The ‘EmployAbility- Let’s Work Together’ scheme changes young disabled peoples’ lives for the better. This is a joint scheme founded on strong relationships with local schools, Dorothy Goodman and Oakwood. It is an employee-led supported internship scheme for young people aged 17 to 22 with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

The scheme works by giving interns from our partner SEND schools experience working in a number of roles within the company. Job Coaches from the schools work with the business to learn the roles, then support the students to do the work, before gradually stepping back and letting the interns do the job for themselves. The hope is that eventually the interns can get a permanent role with the company or other local employer, but if that’s not possible they will have gained a wealth of works skills and personal confidence that boosts their job prospects.

Since the scheme began in 2013 it’s seen incredible results, with an average of 60% of interns gaining paid employment either with us or with other local companies, far better than that national average of 6.8%

New schemes inspired by our programme now running at Severn Trent in Coventry, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation, John Lewis and Amey in Sheffield, and Yorkshire Water in Leeds.

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