Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Responsibility

Keeping our communities safe and warm has always been at the heart of what we do and being a 200 year old company we have a strong track record of operating as a responsible business from our regulatory commitments and practices to our social actions.


Strengthening our reputation through the actions we take means our presence in communities is reliable, valued and trusted. Our responsible activities help us create closer connections locally with our customers and we recognise that we play an essential part in today’s society so we care about how our operations affect our stakeholders, employees and customers.

By focusing on why and how we operate responsibly, we can translate the values at the heart of our organisation, and live by them for the mutual benefit of our employees, our stakeholders and the 11 million customers we serve.

Employee chosen charity

Alzheimer’s Society

Dementia devastates lives. By 2021, one million people will be living with the condition. But dementia won’t win. Until the day that a cure is found the Alzheimer’s Society will be there for anyone affected by dementia – wherever they are


The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia support and research charity supporting those affected by dementia and their families. They work in four main ways to support people living with dementia in the UK today through; research, campaigning for people’s rights, raising awareness of the disease but also providing community support to enable those living with dementia to live well within their communities and remain as independent for as long as possible.

Their vision is simple: a world without dementia. They know that moment will come. And the introduction of a new five year strategy will support them to reach their aim of reaching every person with a diagnosis of dementia by 2022. In September 2016 after a rigorous selection and voting process we announced that our first official charity partnership would be with the Alzheimer’s Society.

Our aim is to work with the society to create a dementia friendly working environment for our employees and their families and for our customers in the communities we serve.

As well as fundraising through physical events and challenges we will also be supporting and encouraging our employees to volunteer at locally run Alzheimer’s Society services in and around our sites of operation, helping us to better connect locally to where we work, and live.



Only 6.8 per cent of students with learning disabilities are likely to get paid employment according to UK Government data – and this is something we feel needs to change.