Could someone you know benefit from a locking cooker valve?

Do you worry about a relative or friend accidentally leaving their gas cooker on? This could be someone living with dementia or learning difficulties.

A locking cooker valve can help people who are living in vulnerable situations to stay safe.
Locking cooker valves are fitted by our engineers completely free and can be installed in just a few hours. If you know anyone who might benefit from one of these valves please share this article or you can register them by clicking here. Alternatively you can email us or call our enquiries line on 0345 835 1111.

What is a locking cooker valve?Fitted locking cooker valve

Locking Cooker Valves are fitted near to the gas cooker or hob in a location which is easy to reach.
The valve can be turned on or off and can be locked into position. The key can be removed and kept by the family member or carer.

This helps to stop the gas escaping if the cooker or hob is switched-on by mistake.

How it Could Help You?

Here is what one of our customers said after having a valve fitted for her mother:
“I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Cadent gas for installing one of your free safety locking cooker valve at the bungalow of my mother.
Melted plastic kettleShe is 89 and living with dementia, so leaving the gas on and the burners was a real worry for us. Particularly as we had had a difficult week where she had done this three times. Unfortunately, she seemed to not recognise the danger.
It will help my mother to continue to stay in and live safely in her home. I still cannot believe that you offer such an amazing service.”

How You Can Get a Valve Fitted for a Friend or Family Member

If you’d like to register a family member or friend simply click here, email us, orcall 0345 835 1111.

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