Checking Engineer IDs

Safe on your doorstep

Before you let anyone into your home you need to know they are who they say they are.

When one of our engineers arrives at your door they will always show you their identification card. Unless it's a gas emergency, you should always have been told in advance that we were coming to visit.

Our engineers will not be offended if you close the door and call to us to check they are who they claim to be. They are happy to wait on the doorstep until you are happy to let them in.

Identification and Passwords

All of our colleagues wear identification badges which they should display when talking to you. However If you want to check that this is not a bogus caller, please feel free to give us a call on:

0345 835 1111

and we can confirm they definitely work for us.

Please be aware that our Engineer's card may still carry the National Grid name and not Cadent. This is because we are transitioning to our new organization.

You can close the door and leave our colleagues waiting on the doorstep whilst you do this - they are trained to understand that you may wish to do this and will not be offended.

If you arrange an appointment with us through your gas supplier, passwords registered against your Priority Services Register (PSR) information will be shared with us, so that our engineers can use this.

You do not need to be registered on the PSR to provide a password directly with us - meaning that whether you are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick or you would simply like to feel more secure, we can, free of charge, agree a password with you when we make an appointment for our engineers to use so you can be confident to let them in.